Farms with 4-8% Return on Investment


  I set out this summer with three other agents to find such tracts of ground.  We contacted brokers in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Colorado.  Then we traveled thousands of miles to personally look at over 40 farms ranging from 320 acres to over 15,000 acres. Not all of them met our standards, but some did.  We toured several of the finest farms in the country. The farms we chose are flat and irrigated, with excellent soil quality and 4-8% returns on investment. Since most of these are located out of Missouri through other brokers,I do not have them individually on this site. Contact me by phone or email and I will send you packets on farms that fit your budget.

  As many of you know, we are in the second longest bull market without a major correction in the history of the stock market. We are regularly hearing from investors wanting to diversify before the next major correction.  Now is a great time to make that move. 

  Over time farm ground typically goes up in value. Many states have low tax rates on tillable ground, as low as a dollar or two per acre. The best investment is a large tract of tillable acres, in a low property tax state, with very good soils, a low per acre price, and a high enough rent to get returns over 3%.    

  It's not rocket science to figure out farm returns.  A simple example would be to buy 100 acres at $4,000 per acre costing you $400,000.  If the cash rent is $200 per acre on your 100 acre farm you have a $20,000 return.   A $20,000 return on a $400,000 investment is a 5% return. 

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