Why Land Is A Great Investment

  1. Diversify your financial portfolio. I recommend putting at least 10%-30% in either income producing agricultural land, or investing in land on the edge of urban sprawl.

  2. During the housing market decline farm ground and commodity prices went up.

  3. Owning ground is a great way to transfer wealth to your heirs via a Revocable Living Trust.

  4. Land, and especially land with little to no improvements, usually has a very low property tax.

  5. Income producing Farm owners can take advantage of some nice tax deductions.

  6. Instead of a statement from your brokerage house, you can go out and enjoy your investment.  Go hunting,      fishing, horseback riding, ATV riding, and breathe the fresh air.

  7. In 1900 Forest Park was considered out in the country!

  8. There is a tidal wave of growth from urban sprawl now. Buy ground just in front of the wave and ride it up.

  9. When you sell it, you can buy more without paying capital gains tax via Section 1031 Exchange. This includes selling a second home, or commercial property.

  10. The demand for farmland will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, yet its supply is fundamentally limited.