Client Testimonial

"Everything about it was a great experience"

Anthony P (repeat customer)-April 2024

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret goes over and beyond his duties.  Always resolves any problems".

Al H (repeat customer) - March 2024 

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret was very professional and prompt with all the services he provided.  He was always available to call with questions and was available to help us through the sale of our business making it less stressful for us.  He does a great job!  Highly recommend his services!"

Denny and Tammy M - Jan 2024

"5 out of 5"


"These guys are the best. Thank y'all for your patience!!! ;)"

Mary D (repeat customer)- Jan 2024

"5 out of 5" 


"Mr. Martin was great to work with. Very knowledgeable in his profession and made the process very pleasant. I'd definitely recommend his services to anyone in search of land or home!"

Robert H - Jan 2024

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret sold my acreage in just 10 days!! I’d had it listed with another realtor without any success. I’m very, very pleased and I highly recommend Bret and Malissa if you have land that you want to sell."

Robin H - Jan 2024

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret is friendly, helpful and knows how to find prospective buyers."

John H

"5 out of 5"


"Bret did a great job all the way around.  He was extremely helpful."

Anthony P.

"5 out of 5" 


"My wife recommended that we use them.  Our experience was G R E A T!"

 Brad J - August 23

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret and Malissa are a fabulous team and they exceeded our expectations in selling our rental house and acreage.  They worked with us prior to our listing with information and follow-ups to help us prepare our property.  They provided a "spot on" market analysis and stood head and shoulders above their competitors, making them an easy choice.  Bret facilitated everything we needed to bring the house to market, worked with our tenants and dealt with any issues.  Both were exceptional communicators-keeping us updated and in the loop on everything.  I would not hesitate to hire them again and highly recommend them to others looking to buy or sell rural properties in Missouri."

Jeff N - May, 2023 


"Bret is the best agent we have ever had.  He and Malissa are a great team.  He helps protect us from bad investment decisions.  So glad to have him."

Diane H (repeat customer) - March 2023

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret is very knowledgeable of property values in eastern Missouri and strategically advised us to get the best value for our property.  He's an excellent communicator and I would recommend him for all of your ranch/farm realty needs."

Cynthia P - Jan 2023

"5 out of 5" 


"Bret made the whole process so easy.  He explained any questions we had and he knew the answers.  He did extra things, like securing an easement for electric with the neighbor, gave us a real nice survey of the property and made sure everything was done that we asked.  Very friendly & capable."

Christine R - Jan 2023

"5 out of 5" 


"Very professional and timely.  Was on top of everything and got things done quick.  Very kind and polite, would 100% recommend to friends & family."

Connor F - Dec 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret was very helpful and knowledgeable about the property we bought."

Walter & Patti M (repeat customer) - Dec 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret did an excellent job of following up on every detail!"

Rich V - Oct 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret was an excellent agent.  Very knowledgeable and helpful."

Larry J - October 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"I have know Bret for a good number of years and used him on several real estate deals.  He is by far the best in the business."

September 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret & Malissa are honest, sweet, punctual and dedicated to their profession"

Dr. Brad J - September 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5"


"It is not just Bret, it is Malissa, his wife, also, that helps with all of the paperwork & makes sure everything goes right, with text, email & phone calls."

Steve G (repeat customer) - September 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5"


"I had a great experience.  Things were done in a timely manner.  Well pleased with Bret's services."

Cheryl W - August 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5"


"Bret is a very nice person, easy to get along with.  He also knew that I was very picky about what I buy.  Wee saw several homes and he was always understanding if I didn't want it.  He answered every question I had too."

Dan B - August 2022 

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret was recommended to us by my daughter, a real estate agent in St. Louis.  Bret & Malissa did a great job for us in selling a piece of property for us that had been in the family since 1953.  Excellent in all phases of the process.  Highly recommended!"

Carroll H - July 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5"


"I learned a lot from Bret and his company."

Terry S (repeat customer)- July 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5"


"Bret was punctual, precise, resourceful and a big help through the entire process of selling my farm.  His staff and himself exceeded my expectations and made it an easy experience, I would recommend Bret to family & friends."

John M - July 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret was great!  He is focused on customer service and great to talk to on all aspects of the process."

Victor B - June 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"We have worked with Bret for over 2 years.  He has never disappointed us.  Very knowledgeable and professional."

Diane H - May, 2022

Excellent "5 out of 5" 


"Bret went the extra mile to get the sale concluded."

Doug D -  March, 2022

Excellent "7 out of 7"


"Working with Bret and his team at Meyer & Company was a great experience from the beginning to the end.  Bret was always available when I needed him.  His associates work hard for him.  He is the first and only realtor I will use in the future, as well as, recommend to anyone selling or buying a house, property or farm.  A++ excellent."

James J - March 2022

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Working with Bret was a flawless experience.  We will recommend him to others."

Roy & Laura B - February, 2022

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret and his wife were very helpful and professional throughout the entire process  We will gladly recommend Bret to others and would definitely use him again in the the future."

Joh & Alex T - February, 2022 

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Quick to respond and resolve anything that came up.  Always friendly and never seemed put out by our requests."

Carrie W - February, 2022 

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret & Malissa have always treated us great.  We couldn't ask for a better realtor."

Al & Diane H - January, 2022

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7"


"I think Bret Martin did an excellent job selling my farm.  He cut a path around the entire farm so people could see it from all angles.  he even took me on the tour which I greatly appreciated.  He sold the farm as one parcel which I requested.  He is tops in my book!"

LD - December, 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7"


"Bret helped with getting our land ready to sell.  Great job!"

Byron H - December, 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret was honest, prompt and respectful.  He helped us out with choosing a lender when we ran into problems with our local bank.  He basically did everything for us and made the entire process smooth and stress free!  He was awesome, thank you Bret!  (We never met Malissa, but she rocked too!)"

Teresa A - November, 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret explained everything very simply so I understood.  We're going to do business again."

Terry S - November, 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret has a real feel of the real estate market.  He is very knowledgeable on construction, from the foundation to the roof, water service, septic, electric.  He has a very keen working knowledge of all aspects as well as the actual property it sits on, such as potential water problems, property lines, easements.  Anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better or as well-rounded a real estate agent to represent them!!"

Barry F (repeat customer) - October, 2021 

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret and his wife were so easy to work with.  The made the whole process simple and we didn't have to worry about a thing!" 

Quentin & Ashley Q - August 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret came in with a plan. He was very knowledgeable about the market. I had a lot of questions and he was very patient with answering all of them."

Helene R. - May 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret is very knowledgeable in real estate.  He's very informative about his properties and investigates any other properties for us that we are interested in." 

Al & Dian H.- April, 2021

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret is an exemplary real estate professional.  He is honest and tells you his opinion and answers all questions."

Bob Klipfrel - March 21, 2021

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret and Malissa excede our wishes.  Bret goes beyond just caring for our needs and wants.  He always, always answers his phone when we call, and updates us on all new property that comes up."

Al & Diane Herter - December, 2020

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


Bruce and Angela Miller -  October, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Great to work with, he makes the whole process easy!

Mark Korman -  October, 2020 

 Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


 "He and his staff are by far the best team we have dealt with in the real estate world. They have been excellent in ever aspect of the real estate transactions that we have done thus far.

Dale Geeding - October, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


Samuel Franklin - September, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"  


"Bret was personal and professional throughout the sale of our farm. He was always there to answer questions and guides through sale.

AD -  September, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"  


"Bret & Malissa are excellent in their jobs. They keeps us posted of any new listings that come available that we maybe interested in purchasing. Bret is very talented in his overall knowledge." 

Al and Diane -  September, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"  


"Bret was very attentive, never late and followed through on all inquiries. Very personable. 

Steven Mate - September, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


Wes Thoroughman - August, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


Tim Levy - May, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"  


" Brett was exceptional in all ways i.e. professionally, personally, ethically, returning of calls (even when out of town on personal business). Will recommend my children to use Brett & Malissa when selling land that they will inherit."

Gary Hill - April, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"  


"He puts his all into selling our real estate." 

Gary Luck - April, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"   


 "Bret is a great guy. As soon as you start talking to him you realize he is smart, outgoing, sociable and honest.

Stephen Arens - March, 2020 

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"   



"Very satisfied with his expertise.  Not once were we disappointed with anything.  Very good about informing us about what was going on and always had a plan in place before he called us with an issue.  A+."

Dale and Margie Beckmann - January 2020

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret is the bomb!"

Karen Cosma - November, 2019

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret goes above and beyond any expectations you may have, and his wife Malissa.  They make a great team, which is very helpful.  Getting the house ready to sell seemed overwhelming, at first.  They helped and supported me the whole way from beginning to end.  I will never forget their kindness, help and generosity.  Friends for life!"

Lynn Park - November, 2019

Rating: Excellent - :7 out of 7 "


"3 different people recommended Bret to us.  Honest!  Hard working and dedicated to helping customers.  Very knowledgeable about so many things.  Works to attain goals for his customers.  To top it off he is simply a good and honest person.  He was just what we needed.  Thanks Bret!"

John Ruether - October 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret was always very responsive and helpful.  He was knowledgeable and professional with a positive attitude. I recommended Bret to a friend who purchased a house with him."

TB - October 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret and his team were very accessible and communicated everything in a timely manner."

Larry Doe - September, 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret went above and beyond in assisting with this purchase.  I have already recommended him to friends.  He is trustworthy and very knowledgeable about the real estate he is selling/showing clients.  THE BEST AGENT I HAVE EVER WORKED WITH, PERIOD."

Cynthia Schuessler  - August 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7"


Bret was "extremely knowledgeable about the property as well as the surrounding area in general.  He went the extra mile to make sure we saw all of the property by walking us through the woods and driving us around on the property even though it had rained and the weather was not ideal.  Other realtors would have rescheduled or sent us on our own to explore.  He was helpful in reaching out to others to help answer questions to make sure we had info to make an informed decision.  Both Bret and Malissa were incredibly helpful throughout this process.  We cannot thank them enough." 

JG & NG - July 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret and Malissa were wonderful from start to finish.  They made excellent suggestions for preparing our home to sell.  We followed their advice and our home sold in 3 weeks at the price we desired to receive.  They continued to walk us through every additional step for a smooth transition to the end.  They were positive, knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant.  We highly recommend the Martins!"

Karen Ryan - June, 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret was a huge help in finding us our farm.  No way we could have done this without him.  He was nice, considerate and was always available to answer questions.  I would recommend Bret to any one and wouldn't hesitate to use him again."

Adam Darnell - May 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret is dedicated to his profession.  He listens, understands, has great knowledge and is just a fine man!  The best!"

Elaine Kurtz - May, 2019

Rating: Excellent - "7 out of 7" 


"Bret is very personable and down-to-earth which gained our trust in him.  He was very good at communicating with us throughout the process via phone calls and text messages." 

Sharon Bagwell - May, 2019

Rating:  Excellent -"7 out of 7" 


"Bret was always willing to answer any and all questions and made selling go without a hitch.  Thanks."

Dave Mikus - March, 2019

Rating:  Excellent - "7 out of 7" 



"We came across Bret's website when we were searching for hunting property.  Bret met us at both pieces of property and gave us a tour in his side-by-side.  He made sure he took us to the corners of the property and has a great depth of knowledge about land.  He answered all of our questions and if he didn't know the answer he found the answer and got back to us.  I highly recommend Bret Martin if you are searching for land."

Chris Meyer February, 2019

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"We enjoyed working with Bret, we felt he was very personal and professional."

Dale Geeding February, 2019 


"Bret is very knowledgeable in Real Estate.  He informed us of any changes or new things that came up in reference to our purchase.  Would use him again!"

Diane & Al Herter  January, 2019 

Rating: Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret went above and beyond to get our property listed and sold.  Thank you very much!"

Donald Kahmke January, 2019 

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret was wonderful.  He was knowledgeable and extremely amiable.  His personality is 10+.  He foresaw lot of things and sold our house before it was officially on the market.  He did a lot of work, both inside and out, that gave our home 100% more curb and showing appeal.  He did so many helpful things I can't even mention them all.  He got so much done in such a small amount of time.  I have never seen anything like it." 

Beverly Youngman  November, 2018

Rating:  Excellent "7+ out of 7" 


"Bret went above our expectations in helping us successfully secure our new property.  Being new to this whole process, Bret met with us in person and followed up with us via the phone and through email, walking us through to the closing.  Bret's knowledge and professionalism was obvious and an added blessing to his personal approach."

Vickie Thompson October, 2018 

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret was helpful on property research and understands the approach of using property as investment and 1031-exchange transactions.  Very professional & very friendly." 

Luke Peterson October, 2018

Rating: "Substantially Higher than other Realtors I have worked with."  "7 out of 7." 


 "Bret continues to positively impress me with his attention to detail, honesty & prompt resolution to situations that arise during the process of both buying & selling real estate.  He has a unique ability to provide up-to-date information in a timely, organized fashion.  I have purchased property from Brett & he just recently sold not only my property but my adjoining neighbor’s property as well in just under one months’ time frame.  If Bret is your agent, you can rest assured that he is going to work harder than any other land specialist that you will find.  It was certainly a pleasure working with Bret and his wife Malissa and I will be using their services again in the near future for my next land parcel purchase."

SB  October, 2018


 "Super nice guy, very patient.  I am very picky about what I want and I looked at a lot of places with Bret.  He was very understanding about what I was looking for"

Dan Brown - July 2018 

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"I dealt with 4 other Realtors before Bret.  I saw a lot of Bret's signs, I'm glad we met and I learned a lot.  I know we'll do business again."

Terry Stout - March, 2018

Rating:  Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Working with Bret was great.  I would recommend him to anyone!"

Michelle Stanek - March 2018

Rating: Excellent "7 out of 7" 


"Bret found properties available and gave us the information before most agent had the listing.  He immediately went to the property and walked 2 hours with me, looking at the piece of land." 

Thomas Coletti - March, 2018 

 Rating: Excellent.  "7 out of 7" 


"Bret impressed me with his attentiveness to follow-up items and his ability to provide up-to-date information in a timely manner.  Any questions I had - Bret addressed them quickly and provided a response that resolved the issue or question. It was indeed a pleasure working with Bret and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

Randy Frump - February, 2018

 Rating: "Excellent - 7 out of 7"


"Bret was very knowledgeable and easy to work with during the process of selling my home." 

Alice Benfield - January, 2018 


"Bret did a great job and, I feel, he went beyond what other Realtors would have done to help us with our needs and wants."

GAil Wade & Israel Whitehead - January, 2018

Rating:  "Excellent 7 out of 7" 


"We were very fortunate to have Bret and Malissa represent and assist us in the sale of our Innsbrook property.  Initially they had excellent ideas and suggestions on how to prepare the property so it would be most attractive to prospectie buyers.  The photos and the video were superb.  

They kept us informed during the whole process and were always available quickly if we had questions no matter how unimportant the questions were.  

We had the best professional guidance and service during this process.  They are definately the "A" team." 

Barb & Jim Radtke- December, 2017

Rating:  "Excellent. 7 out of 7" 


"He worked for us.  I know that seems like an odd statement, but here are the facts:   1.  He listened to our dreams.  We were limited in funds and he sought out everything that would be a fit for us.  2.  He was prompt in calling us with a new listing.  On the farm we purchased, he called us on a Friday when he learned of it, we saw it 2 days later with him, we immediately (on a Sunday) went to his office and put a contract on it.  If things would not have happened that quickly, we could not have purchased our farm."

Thomas Coletti - September, 2017

Rating - Excellent.  "7 out of 7." 



"Friendly, knowledgeable, a real go-getter.  Going to the extreme to help.  Like working with Bret very much.  We appreciate all he has done for us."

Don & Lorena Kahmke - Sept, 2017

Rated - Excellent "7 out of 7." 


"One of the best Realtors I have used in 40 years."

John Weil- Aug, 2017

Rated - Excellent.  "7 out of 7." 


"Bret kept us informed of new properties that met our needs.  He was willing to meet with us and show us property whenever we called.  He answered all of our questions." 

Larry Doe - July, 2017

Rated - Excellent. "7 out of 7."


"Bret listens and just does a great job and follows up on any concerns.  At good attitude and a very positive man!"

Elaine Kurtz - July 2017

Rated - Excellent.  "7 out of 7". 


"Bret worked with us very well, being in another state!  Phone calls & computer went well.  When we were in MO he came by frequently to check on things and to update us.  He is very professional and we appreciated all his help." 

Judy Mills - July 2017

Rated - Excellent. 


"I believe Bret & Malissa truly knew what we were looking for.  They were down to earth and did what we asked by finding us one home and selling our existing home." 

Rebecca Galmiche - June 2017  

Rated - Excellent.


"Bret and Malissa knew what we were looking for.  They were very helpful in all matters of selling and buying.  Bret was very honest and straight-forward in showing us houses and Malissa was wonderful in every aspect of making me feel comfortable and respected."

Rebecca Galmiche - May 2017

Rated - Excellent 


"We had Bret show us a piece of property he had listed in the newspaper.  We did not buy that property, but we were very impressed with Bret.  We later called and asked Bret to list some property we owned.  Bret handled the sale for us, and we were completely satisfied.  Bret is a very good listener and he kept us well informed."

John & Rita Martin - February 2017 


"Bret did a wonderful job selling our property.

He is one of the hardest working people I know and he wants to do the job right!  His attention to detail is phenomenal.

We would definitely use him again!"

Chris & Anne Chivetta-  November, 2016 


"We thought Bret went above and beyond in helping us with any questions that we had.  He always returned phone calls in a timely manner.  He even made phone calls to get answers for us that we needed.  He was available on the weekend to show property.  He even managed to get the title lady that was in a different county to come to the closing in our area."

Tom & Marleen Creamer - Jan, 2017 


"He is honest, hard-working and a likable person."

DS - December, 2016 


"Excellent service, knowledgeable, on top of things, helpful in all areas."

Jim Martin - November, 2016 


 "Great to work with, very responsive to calls and questions."

Gerald & Patty Henke - November 2016 


"Very honest and trustworthy. Very much concerned about his clients"

Laura Baragiola - June 2016 


"Working with Bret Martin was a joy. He made the selling of our property painless. He took care of all the details in an efficient professional manner. This was a somewhat complicated sale in that three families were involved in the selling of the property. Because of Bret's attention to the smallest of details, ours went absolutely flawlessly."

Barb and Jon Radtke - June 2016


"Very pleasant experience"

Donald Schanche - April 2016


"We enjoyed working with Bret. If there was something he was unsure about he would find the answer. He was always accommodating to the times we had available. Bret has a very genuine personality that makes you feel like he's trustworthy and has your best interest at heart. I would highly recommend him to family and friends."

 Michele Frye -April 2016


" Bret was responsive to all our needs"

David Demien - December 2015 


"Bret was very responsive to emails and telephone calls. Always met commitments."

Gary Smith - November 2015 


"Bret was very honest and upfront from us from the beginning. I didn't feel like he was pressuring us into buying. He went out of his way to show us the land. He was very quick at getting back to us and answered our questions. He even looked into the water for us before we even decided we wanted to the buy the land."

Katie and Ryan Krueger - November 2015


"Bret hit this one out of the park! We spent days hiking through thick woods to evaluate land. And endless hours in the truck driving from county county to find my perfect spot. Bringing his own 4wheeler to help the process. There's nothing he won't do for his client." 

Scott Roddy - November 2015


"Thinks outside the box. Professional, returns emails and calls promptly. Does what he commits to, follows thru on contractual commitments. Great job!" 

Sally A Johnson - September 2015


"We had a great experience purchasing our land through Bret. He went above our expectations and found exactly what we were looking for. We were extremely happy with the entire experience. Bret helped make our dream come true." 

Nicole Griffing - July 2015


"Bret was constantly looking out for me throughout the process. I felt comfortable with the property search and process to close because Bret was so knowledgeable and could easily answer any question that I asked."

Michael Christ - April 2015